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internet application Page 1

Please print all 4 pages (or 5 depending on your browser) and complete all questions.

 Bring to :  The Venue Boutique and Gallery  or Mail to:  The Venue Boutique and Gallery
   510 8th Avenue North    PO Box 9119
   Myrtle Beach, SC 29577    Myrtle Beach, SC 29578-9119

or... you can use your computer's "copy" command to copy all the questions from here down, click on the mailbox, paste in the questions, fill in the questions the best you can and hit "send now". ( sorry no script for this yet... but we'll send confirmation that we received your mail asap)

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Name: _____________________________


Phone: __________________ e-mail: ___________@__________ Social Sec.#:______-_____-_______

Date you can start:_________ Desired rate of pay: _____________

Days and times you can work: (we're open 12-8 M-Thur, 12-9 Fri, Sat, 1-6 Sun):

Mon:________, Tues:________, Wed:________, Thur:________, Fri:________, Sat:________, Sun:________

Are you employed now? _____ May we contact your employer?_____

Have you applied here before?_____ Date:__________



Name and Location Graduated Subject Studied
College . .
High School . .
Other . .
. . .
. . .

Area of special interest:________________________________________________






internet application Page 2

Dates (Month and Year) Name and address of employer Salary Position Reason for Leaving
. . . . .
. . . . .
. . . . .
. . . . .


Name Address Business Years acquainted
. . . .
. . . .

I hereby authorize and request any and all of my former employers and any other person firm or corporation to furnish any and all information concerning my credit-worthiness and personal background and I hereby release each such employer or other person, firm or corporation from any and all liability by reason of furnishing the requested information. I understand that in connection with this application, a consumer report and/or an investigative consumer report may be requested whereby information is obtained through personal interviews with my neighbors, friends or associates or with others with whom I am acquainted or who may have knowledge with respect to my character, person characteristics and mode of living, and hereby authorize the procurement of any such report. I understand that, upon my request, I have the right to know if any such report was requested and, if so, the name and address of the consumer reporting agency that furnished such report and in the use of a consumer investigative report, that I may inspect and receive a copy of such report by contacting such agency. I also understand that I have the right to receive a complete and accurate disclosure of the nature and scope of the information requested if I request such disclosure within a reasonable period of time.

I understand that if employed: 1) any misrepresentation or omission of facts requested in this application is cause for dismissal; and 2) my employment is for no definite period and I may, regardless of the date of payment of my wages and salary, be terminated at any time without prior notice.


Date:________________ Signature of Applicant:_______________________






internet application Page 3

Your Interests

Who are your favorite...


Fashion Designers:________________________________________


What are your favorite...




Retail Stores:_____________________________________________

Which personal traits do you consider most (1) to least(5) important:

( ) Honesty

( )Ambition

( ) Discretion

( )Style

( ) Popularity

What are your strengths?________________________________________

Any weaknesses?______________________________________________

What specific things about you make you right for this job?_______________


How long do you plan to stay in Myrtle Beach?________________________






internet application Page 4

What was your favorite job?__________________________________________


What was your least favorite job?______________________________________


Do you work better as part of a team, alone, or some of both? ________________


Do you type?____ w.p.m._______

What computer experience do you have? (graphics, internet, word processing, database, etc?)


What special talents could you bring to The Venue?_______________________


If the position is filled, should we keep your application on file for future openings?

What local magazines do you read?___________________________________

And, oh, yeah, "What's your sign?"____________________